EASA Part 66 certified workforce: unmatched expertise in maintenance

Elevate your aviation maintenance standards

At AERO CARE, we are proud to offer the services of highly skilled and certified maintenance personnel. These specialists are EASA Part 66 certified, dedicated to delivering exceptional maintenance services and are equipped to handle both base and line maintenance operations. They possess the expertise needed to perform complex maintenance tasks while rigorously adhering to the stringent regulatory standards.

Ultra-qualified airframe fitters

Within our EASA Part 66 certified workforce, you will find a team of airframe fitters who stand out for their exceptional skills and unparalleled proficiency. These professionals have extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring that their workmanship is of the highest quality. With an unwavering commitment to precision and integrity, they maintain and repair aircraft structures to the most exacting standards.

Why choose AERO CARE

At AERO CARE, we do not just meet industry standards; we set them. Our commitment to technical excellence and unwavering professionalism enables us to provide unmatched support and services within the aviation industry. When you choose our EASA Part 66 certified workforce, you are selecting a team that is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

Experience unmatched expertise

Ready to experience the highest level of aviation maintenance expertise? Contact us to explore how our certified workforce can elevate your aviation maintenance standards.